Opera singer meets entrepreneur. Creativity meets impressario. Classical meets innovation. Music meets business.

Not long after singing on the Metropolitan Opera’s stage, a feat all opera singers aspire to reach, I hit a major snag.

The opera company I was working for (sixth-oldest in the nation) went bankrupt and my young career was overcome by the basic need to survive financially.

From that point on I have pursued a non-linear career path which has lead me here, at the cross-roads of singing opera and web design.

I’ve devoted an enormous amount of time to making sense of the digital landscape and how opera can benefit from it. My ever evolving response to these observations is a community based website OperaPulse, along with other opera company and singer websites.

My mission is to continue to examine the web in a way that helps individuals in the opera world, the opera industry at large and beyond. Looking forward to connecting with you!