Small Business Saturday

Small business gives the world character. Small business makes you walk the extra block or drive the extra mile. Small business supports a community that you believe in. Small business embodies the human spirit.

My grandfather was a small business owner and really instilled the values of hard work, dedication, and heart into all of his kids and grandkids. Nearly all of us have the entrepreneur bug in us – constantly reinventing our work ethic and process. Being a small business to me has always meant that you are innovative and light on your feet. Above all, it requires a life of continuous learning.

In the light of Small Business Saturday I’m offering over a 30% discount on any web projects that are initiated this week – Saturday (Nov 30, 2013) to Saturday (Dec 7, 2013). I hope to help you or your business create or refine your web presence.

Projects Start at:

Personal Website \\ $750 = $500

Business Website \\ $2,000 = $1,400